High School Volunteers

SLS welcomes high school volunteers!

Events / activities include:

A separate email request is required for each SLS event / activity. Click on the active event/activity you are interested in (above) and provide in the email request window:

  • Name

  • Grade

  • Contact email / phone number

  • Prior affiliation with SLS (if any, not required)

  • Interest Area(s), and Prior Experience such as:

    • Student Assistant Director

    • Hair / Makeup

    • Green Room Helper

    • Usher

    • Costumes

    • Props

    • Set Decoration / Painting

    • Show Board (Cast/Crew Photos in lobby)

    • Tech Crew

    • Concessions

    • Dance / Choreography

    • Wherever Needed

Someone from SLS will get back to you...thank you so much for your interest in volunteering, we hope to place all who are interested!

  • It must be understood that decisions on high school volunteering will be made keeping the best interests of the middle school students and productions in mind.

  • We regret that we may not be able to successfully place every potential high school student volunteer.

The Fine Print:

  • Members of the creative team (music director, director, choreographer, etc.) may nominate high school student volunteers; however these candidates still need to go through the volunteer email request process. The event chair / producer (or designee) is ultimately responsible for accepting volunteers.

  • In case of limited volunteer positions and/or too many applications, the decision to accept an applicant will be based on the needs of the event (i.e., it may not be a first come-first served situation).

  • Depending on the position and the event, there may be a preference for volunteers that have experienced the high school dramas/choral/improv program; however, all are encouraged to apply.

  • High school volunteers require a signed High School Student Volunteer Permission Slip (valid for the academic year), available here. You do not need a background check.

  • It is the high school student’s responsibility to keep track of volunteer hours for ITS or NHS credit – any board member or the creative team staff member may vouch for hours served.

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