Matilda Hair & Makeup

All make-up is stored in a Shoebox sized storage box (labeled with your students name) 

• Kabuki or other powder/blush brush 

• Foundation blending sponge 

• Neutral/natural Eyeshadow 

• Blush

• Lip color (peachy pink, warm pink shade… not red or nude. Matte finish or low gloss, not high gloss)

• Transparent setting powder

• Waterproof Eye liner

• Waterproof Mascara

• Foundation (for anyone with fair to medium skin-tone this product should two shades warmer than your natural look) 

• A small mirror (preferably one that can stand up on a table)

• Makeup remover

• Disposable mascara wands (optional)

Example mirror

Example eye shadow brush

Example Lip color

Example foundation sponge/powder brush kit

Example eyeshadow/blush combo

Example translucent powder

Example eyeliner

Example Makeup remover wipes

Example Disposable mascara wands

Example mascara

Example Foundation (choose your stage shade)