Spring Musical Callbacks List

Callbacks -- Callbacks help the directors see more than your original audition.   Just because you get a callback does not mean you are guaranteed a lead.  Just because you didn't get a callback doesn't mean you aren’t in the show. Callbacks will include a vocal and script reading (audition side) segment(s) for that character. 


The vocal (singing) segment must be memorized. The audition side does not have to be memorized, but it is encouraged. You may be called back for more than one role but you will not be double cast.  Please click on the Callback Materials button to download the sheet music, vocal music, instrumental music, and audition 'side(s)' for the role(s) you are called back for.   Do not stress over these callbacks - the directors understand the material is new to you and will take that into account during your singing and reading portion!

Callbacks for everyone listed are from 3:10 to 6 on Wednesday, January 15th!

Callback List

Jenna Augustine – Mabel, Edith/Kate/Isabel

Brandon Chisholm – Frederic, Major General, Sergeant

Emery Day - Edith/Kate/Isabel

Tess Donegan – Ruth, Major General, Sergeant

Tommy Engstrom – Samuel, Frederic, Major General

James Fitzell – Samuel, Pirate King, Frederic

Mason Fleming – Ruth, Sergeant

Jonathan Garvey – Frederic, Sergeant

Addy Glebocki – Ruth

Kyra Hoffmaster - Edith/Kate/Isabel

Keith Ivey – Samuel

Andrew Kessler – Pirate King, Frederic

Samantha Lavalee – Mabel, Edith/Kate/Isabel

Sophia Leon - Edith/Kate/Isabel

Izzy Maly – Ruth

Cassidy Martin – Ruth

Ronnie McIntyre – Ruth, Edith/Kate/Isabel

Reilly Miller – Pirate King, Frederic, Sergeant

Quinn Owen - Edith/Kate/Isabel

Paisley Pentecost - Edith/Kate/Isabel

Nicholas Stohler – Samuel, Pirate King, Major General

Madelyn Todd - Edith/Kate/Isabel

Annabelle Wellschlager – Mabel

Emmy Wright - Edith/Kate/Isabel