James & the Giant Peach JR Cast List

From Mrs. Metcalfe: WOW! What a talented group of students! You all did an AMAZING job with the auditions and call backs. Auditioning is not an easy thing to do and takes a lot of guts! Atticus and I are so proud of your efforts!! Kudos to you all!!!


This was an incredibly challenging show to cast and we would have loved to have included every single person who auditioned, however due to the size of the stage and “crowd control” we have to cap the number of cast members. As the directors of the production, we are required to look at the big picture; from vocal range, vocal blend, personality, acting ability, dance skills, etc.  All of the pieces of the puzzle must come together to create a vision that tells the story. We believe that every contribution is important and valuable to the story we are going to be telling.

The role offered to your child may not meet their expectation; this may be a difficult time if the casting results are not what they wanted. Atticus and I both have personal knowledge of being on the end of casting decisions so we do understand the potential elation or upset which may result. You know your child best and know the techniques to comfort them.  In case of upset over any casting decision we would encourage you to empower your child to come and talk to us in a one-on-one discussion about how to go about enhancing their future auditions. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: sbmetcalfe@aacps.org

Charlotte Anderson     Ensemble

Parijita Bastola             Earthworm

Maya Bear                     Ensemble

Olivia Blake                   Ladybug

Becca Calish                 Ensemble/Buzz

William Carlson            Ensemble

Brandon Chisholm        Ensemble

Cole Christensen          Ensemble

Paige Davis                   Spiker

Gianna Dicks                 Ladahlord

Tess Donegan               Ensemble

Kristin Falk                   Ensemble/Mrs. Trotter

Spencer Feldmann        Ensemble

Mason Fleming          Ensemble/Mr. Trotter

Natalie Frank                Ensemble

Amelia Garland             Ensemble

Jaden Givens                Ensemble/Willy Wonka

Emma Gray                   Ensemble

Taylor Gruppuso           Ensemble

Sophie Gutierrez          Ensemble

Jake Hammel                Ensemble

Abbie Heath                 Ensemble

Robert Heath               Ensemble

Brooke Heine               Ensemble

Alex Hilbert                  Ensemble

Kyra Hoffmaster            Ensemble

Leah Hudson                Ensemble

Alexa Jimeno                Ensemble

Page Judge                   Ensemble

Andrew Kessler            James

Alyssa Kraus                  Ensemble

Jillian Kules                  Ensemble

Callie Lowman              Ensemble

Morgan Macallair          Ensemble

Ellie Major                    Ensemble

Ellery Martin                Ensemble

Cassidy Martin              Ensemble

Ronnie McIntyre          Ensemble

Jack Miller                    Grasshopper

Reilly Miller                 Ensemble/Jake

Kelly Moy                     Ensemble

Lainey Ordakowski        Sponge

Lily Oswald                   Ensemble

Quinn Owen                 Ensemble

Sydney Owens              Ensemble

Elizabeth Pearce           Ensemble

Cooper Powell             Ensemble/Bobby Bobby-Cop

Brayden Roventini        Ensemble

Joseph Schroeder         Centipede

Dylan Shriner               Ensemble

Darby Shrout                Ensemble

Aidan Smith                  Ensemble

Bliss Soctoman             Ensemble

Kelsey Sparkman          Ensemble

Lacey Strom                 Ensemble

Bella Suhar                   Ensemble

Deepak Thumma          Ensemble/Billy Bobby-Cop

Madelyn Todd              Ensemble/Karl Kreatour

Kaelin Tufo                   Ensemble

James Uy                      Ensemble

Annabelle Wellschlager Spider

Claudia Woodbury    Ensemble/Matron Nurse

Tori Wright                   Ensemble

The directors can't wait to get started with rehearsals and making memories that will last a lifetime! After you and your child carefully consider accepting the role being offered, here are the next steps:

  • Sign the Cast Member Commitment Contract (last page of audition packet, or available here) and bring to the Parent Meeting!

  • Plan to attend the mandatory Parent Meeting at 5:10 pm January 15th in the cafeteria. Bring your signed contract! (Leave your cast member at home please.)

  • Please bring any changes to your child's conflict calendar to give to Mrs. Metcalfe after the meeting. After that, all conflicts are final!

  • Pay the mandatory $100 Cast Fee* online prior to the Parent Meeting on Jan 15.

  • If you are not already a current member of Spartan Lyrical Society, please also pay the mandatory $25 annual family membership fee* online.

  • First rehearsal for the full cast is on Wednesday, January 16 from 3:10 to 6 pm, in the Chorus Room.

  • If your child declines the role, please notify Mrs. Metcalfe directly at sbmetcalfe@aacps.org

*SLS offers confidential need-based fee waivers. Please follow the steps here and observe the January 15 deadline.

Details to follow at the Parent Meeting! Questions before then? Please contact the Spring Musical Producer, Kathy Falk, at peachbuzz@spartanlyricalsociety.org

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