High School Volunteers

SLS welcomes high school volunteers!

Events / activities include:

A separate email request is required for each SLS event / activity. Click on the active event/activity you are interested in (above) and provide in the email request window:

  • Name

  • Grade

  • Contact email / phone number

  • Prior affiliation with SLS (if any, not required)

  • Interest Area(s), and Prior Experience such as:

    • Student Assistant Director* 

    • Hair / Makeup

    • Green Room Helper

    • Usher

    • Costumes

    • Props

    • Set Decoration / Painting

    • Show Board (Cast/Crew Photos in lobby)

    • Tech Crew

    • Concessions

    • Dance / Choreography

    • Wherever Needed

* Director decision on whether to fill this position is pending

Someone from SLS will get back to you...thank you so much for your interest in volunteering, we hope to place all who are interested!

  • It must be understood that decisions on high school volunteering will be made keeping the best interests of the middle school students and productions in mind.

  • We regret that we may not be able to successfully place every potential high school student volunteer.

The Fine Print:

  • Members of the creative team (music director, director, choreographer, etc.) may nominate high school student volunteers; however these candidates still need to go through the volunteer email request process. The event chair / producer (or designee) is ultimately responsible for accepting volunteers.

  • In case of limited volunteer positions and/or too many applications, the decision to accept an applicant will be based on the needs of the event (i.e., it may not be a first come-first served situation).

  • Depending on the position and the event, there may be a preference for volunteers that have experienced the high school dramas/choral/improv program; however, all are encouraged to apply.

  • High school volunteers require a signed High School Student Volunteer Permission Slip (valid for the academic year), available here. You do not need a background check.

  • It is the high school student’s responsibility to keep track of volunteer hours for ITS or NHS credit – any board member or the creative team staff member may vouch for hours served.